Wallace Gollan has a side hustle people!


She’s created all her own artwork from day one in the music biz, making posters, merch and visual assets for social media campaigns. Over time she started helping friends out and things have grown into a thriving freelance graphic design business. 


Specialising in surface pattern design, poster design and content creation she mainly serves the music and coffee industries but has worked with a range of small businesses. Her goal is to create cohesive and exciting work with an emphasis on colour and audience engagement. 


Wallace loves to create repeat patterns in her signature hand drawn style using loud pastels.

Perfect for textile and stationary designs.


Wallace brings lyrics and quotes from her favourite tv shows to life with a hand drawn feel. 

Commissions OPEN 


Wallace has made many a poster for herself and other musicians in the music industry.


She'll make sure you're covered from A3 print to digital facebook banner. 


Looking for rebrand or a logo for your new business? Wallace has you covered.


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